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  • Speciality: Professional
  • Major: Politics, society and communication



This Master's course focuses on European integration and governance. The aim is to examine the reconfigurations of the regulation of societies from a regional perspective - in our case, the European Union. Societies – in Europe and elsewhere - are today governed by organizations operating at different levels government: Alongside the national level, understanding what takes place at the local and international levels is now essential to understanding the governance of societies, an eminently political issue. Because of its unique nature and its influence on our societies, the European Union is a focal point not only for better understanding these reconfigurations but also for shaping our societies.


This Master's program aims to provide students with the knowledge and know-how necessary to pursue a career related to issues of European integration and governance. European governance involves questioning the reconfigurations of regulatory activity (creation of standards), which includes other government levels besides that of the Nation-State. It places emphasis on the interaction between different public and private actors in the production of standards at different scales. Thus, the Master's program does not focus solely on the European Union in a strict sense, but examines the reconfiguration of regulation at the regional level, in relation to international, national or local dynamics.

‘’Knowledge and know-how" refer here to the analytical skills at the heart of the Sciences Po Bordeaux training course. The objective is, therefore, to provide students with knowledge relating to the functioning of the European Union and the production of its policies, but also and above all to enable them to gain an in-depth understanding of current dynamics. Acquiring these analytical skills is therefore necessary for better understanding the world and being able to act on it.

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  • Multi-disciplinary Masters course
  • Study trip to Brussels



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Access condition

Sciences Po Bordeaux Diploma : First year 

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Job opportunities

This Master’s degree opens professional opportunities in the field of analysis and (assistance with) political decision-making (i.e. in the governance of societies) and therefore to all political occupations, as they are all today shaped to a greater or lesser extent by regionalization/internationalization. In geographical terms, therefore, opportunities are not limited to Europe. In terms of sector of activity, this Master's course prepares students for jobs in the civil service, at local, national, or European/international, as well as for jobs in the private sector.



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  • Initial education

Internship Obligatory (4 months minimum)