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Degree progams in English

International students may apply for admission to Sciences Po Bordeaux’s degree programs in English.

Binational Double Degree : France-Hong Kong (FIFHKG)

The FIFHKG double diploma program in political and social sciences is a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s five-year program between Sciences Po Bordeaux and Hong Kong Baptist University. Students in this program are awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in social sciences from Hong Kong Baptist University after completing the fourth year of studies, and a Master’s degree from Sciences Po Bordeaux after completing the fifth year.

Through this program, selected students from Sciences Po Bordeaux will pass their first two years of studies at Hong Kong Baptist University, with the possibility to declare a second major in the second year in either Global and China Studies or Government and International Studies. The language of instruction at Hong Kong Baptist University is English, however students also have the option to study Mandarin.

Program Strengths

The bicultural nature of the FIFHKG program fosters a strong and shared identity amongst each student cohort, offers students the possibility to participate in a long-term internship in China throughout their studies, and a renown curriculum in Chinese studies.

The principal curriculum of the program follows a multi-disciplinary and broad approach beginning the first year of studies, followed by progressive specialization in Chinese studies or in international relations. The discipline covers the various domains of political science (political sociology, political institutions, public politics, international relations, and political theory, as well as political economics and social science methodologies). At HKBU, students will concentrate on the politics of Hong Kong, continental China, and the Asia-Pacific region. The program aims to foster comparative perspectives between Chinese and European studies.

A Joint, International Curriculum

The 1st year of the FIFHKG Program takes place in Hong Kong

The 2nd year of the FIFHKG Program takes place in Hong Kong

The 3rd year of the FIFHKG Program takes place in Bordeaux [under the 3A framework of Sciences Po Bordeaux]

The 4th year of the FIFHKG Program takes place in Bordeaux [under the 4A framework of Sciences Po Bordeaux]

The 5th year of the FIFHKG Program takes place in Bordeaux for selected students admitted by Sciences Po Bordeaux

For admission requirements and procedures (in French)

Binational Master’s : Bordeaux International Relations Degree (BIRD)

BIRD is a Master’s program in international relations taught in English. The program immerses students in the dynamic field of international relations, complemented by the regular practice of English: These two complementary aspects prepare students to engage on a global scale as experts in international relations, whether as consultants/specialists, educators, or researchers.

Program Objectives and Features

The program begins at the fourth year level. In addition to end-of-year final exams, students will be evaluated according to Anglo-American pedagogic methods, namely personal work in the forms of review essays and research papers.

In the Fifth Year, students will take their studies abroad at one of our partnered institutions for either:

One semester (fall) at:

  • Middlebury Institute of International Studies: Monterey, California, USA
  • National Taiwan University – Political Science Department: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya: Tel Aviv, Israel

Following the semester abroad, students will spend their final semester on internships while preparing their final theses.

One academic year at:

  • Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali (LUISS) : Rome, Italy

Students who choose to spend the final year at LUISS will obtain a double Master’s Degree from Sciences Po Bordeaux and LUISS upon completion of both semesters.


Students may apply for the BIRD program through general admission at the first year level or direct entry into the BIRD program at the fourth year level. BIRD welcomes around 20 students each academic year into the program. All accepted students must possess a Bac +3 / 180 ECTS (or the equivalent). The admission procedure is highly selective; candidates are chosen on the basis of their academic performance, application materials, oral interview with the program director, and (for external applicants) written works in English. Fluency in English and a foundation of knowledge in international relations are mandatory in order for a reasonable chance of admission into the program.

Admission procedure and requirements for the first year of studies (in French)

Admission procedure and requirements for the fourth year of studies (in French)

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