Masters "Social and Solidarity Economy & social innovation" of the Institute of Political Studies

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  • Speciality: Professionnel
  • Major: Project and organization management



The "Social and Solidarity Economy and Social Innovation" Master's course concerns a composite group of organizations and enterprises that have in common the fact that they intend to satisfy public interest or social needs. The most emblematic organizations, which constitute the core focus of this course, are associations, foundations, mutual insurance organizations, and cooperatives; but a large number of social-purpose enterprises are also developing, enterprises with a social mission and therefore governed by the principles of limited lucrativity and democratic governance and whose management is aimed primarily at meeting their social objectives.


The objective of the Social and Solidarity Economy and Social Innovation Master's program is to train students to become "social engineer" type executives with high social and political knowledge, a command of the various languages of entrepreneurship, skills in diagnosing territorial socio-economic situations as well as in project management and, more broadly, in building collective action.

Additional information

The Social and Solidarity Economy and Social Innovation Master's course combines three dimensions: the teaching of fundamental and specialized skills enabling students to acquire in-depth knowledge of the organizations in the sector; hands-on practice in developing and managing entrepreneurial projects through tutored projects assigned to students by companies; close contact with professionals, firstly through classes delivered by professionals in the sector, secondly through contacts with many companies and organizations in the sector, and finally through a program alternating study and work periods. In this regard, the Master's program offers students the possibility to receive their training in the framework of an apprenticeship, a system that allows students to have the status of an employee of a company in which the student can acquire recognized professional experience while attending the course, in particular, through vocational and apprentice-specific classes.


Access condition

Sciences Po Bordeaux Diploma : First year

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Job opportunities

The Master's course "Social and Solidarity Economy and Social Innovation" leads to three main types of careers: managerial positions in SSE enterprises and organizations; jobs in intermediate organizations that provide consulting, advisory, monitoring and assessment services in the field of socially useful activities; employment in public authorities or para-governmental organizations with departments specialized in the development of SSE.



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