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Discovery and methodology are the two keywords that best describe the first year of studies at Sciences Po Bordeaux. You will be introduced to a new framework of studies and experiment with new working methods.  In short you will acquire the "fundamentals" that will guarantee your successful completion of the Sciences Po Bordeaux diploma.


You will be introduced not only to higher education but also to a distinctive education institution in the academic world: An Institute of Political Studies. Your initial exploration of Sciences Po Bordeaux will take place quickly, through a fast-paced process of integration into the Institute’s and extracurricular activities.

The 'Sciences Po' method:

The methodology that you will learn in this first year, however original and new it may be, will be maintained and applied throughout your tertiary studies, through a series of exercises that you will learn, for the most part, during the first year.

The pedagogy implemented at Sciences Po Bordeaux rests on two pillars: The lectures, delivered in amphitheaters, on the one hand, and small-group learning sessions, otherwise called “method conferences”, or ‘conf’” , on the other hand.   The "Confs'" are attended by groups of approximately 20 students and serve as the "basic unit" of Sciences Po Bordeaux.  It is through your participation in those group sessions that you will be able to acquire better writing and public speaking skills and to better organize ideas.

N.B.Students enrolled in the integrated dual program follow this first-year curriculum, with a few specificities for each program.



Training content

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Access condition

Holders of the French Baccalaureate ES, L or S (or foreign equivalents) are all welcome!  What matters is your sense of CURIOSITY, your open-mindedness, as well as your capacity for work.

In order to be admitted into the first year of Sciences Po Bordeaux and be able to attend the full programme, candidates must pass the entrance examinations.

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Houdayer Corinne

Email : c.houdayer @ sciencespobordeaux.fr

Forest Amandine

Email : a.forest @ sciencespobordeaux.fr

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