History of economic thought


The objective of this course is to study the history of economic thought, from the era of the Greek philosophers to today, by highlighting the continuity in economic thought, analysis and economic action within the main systems of political economy. The course will begin by examining the various systems of political economy (SEP) and  the first SEP (the physiocratic system: 1758-1776), and will then proceed to study the classics (English pessimism: 1776-1848), criticism of classical political economy (Karl Marx, Engels and Marxism), marginalist revolution (the emergence of neoclassical economics as the dominant economic paradigm: 1871-), the last SEP (John Maynard Keynes' revolution: 1936-), and finally contemporary syntheses (since 1945) of the various political economy systems.

Form of assessment

Assessed as part of the 'general economics' course General economics 


  • Alain BARRÈRE, Edwin LE HERON, Pierre LEVY, Histoire de la pensée et de l’analyse économique, tome 1, Cujas, 1994
  • Maurice BASLE et alii, Histoire des pensées économiques: les fondateurs (tome 1), les contemporains (tome 2), Sirey, 2nd 1993
  • Joseph SCHUMPETER, Histoire de l’analyse économique, 3 tomes, TEL Gallimard, 2004

Educational formula

The objective of the course is to promote the reading of the main authors in the field.

In brief

Year First year

Teaching languageFrench

Teaching term Six-monthly

Number of hours 18.0

Teaching activityLecture course

ValidationFinal written examination

Mandatory teaching



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Houdayer Corinne

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