Political Studies Certificate / Political Studies Attestation


International students at Sciences Po Bordeaux taking courses for credit in the French Track Program may qualify for special certification from the institute:

  • The Certificate of Political Studies (CEP : Certificat d’Études Politiques) for students who complete one academic year (60 ECTS credits) of study
  • The Attestation of Political Studies (AEP : Attestation d’Études Politiques) for students who complete one semester (30 ECTS credits) of study

To qualify for these certifications, students must take 3 mandatory seminars: French Language and Civilization, Political Studies, and French Contemporary Issues. These courses are focused on fostering students’ critical thinking and oral skills in French through comparative analyses of contemporary issues in France and their home countries.

Students must have a B2 level of French.

Note: The Certificate of Political Studies offers the possibility to apply for entry as a full-time degree student at Sciences Po Bordeaux at the 3rd year and Master’s level through a special admissions process.

Enrolment in the CEP/AEP programme is not automatic

In order to qualify for the CEP or AEP, international students must:

  • Be of a nationality other than French
  • Have 2 academic years of study validated
  • Possess a B2 level of French
  • Mention their interest to be certified on the application form
  • Take (and pass) an entrance exam: French assessment: In addition to providing an official language certificate (TCF, DELF, DALF), students will take a written exam on two current issue topics (45 minutes) and an oral personal interview (5 minutes). 

Download an example of the written exam

The results of the written exam and oral interview will be reviewed to determine whether the student’s French level is at the necessary capacity to take the necessary courses. Students are not required to have a perfect grasp of French grammar in order to qualify for the CEP/AEP; they are evaluated on the basis of their motivation and academic plans.

Students not in consideration for the CEP or AEP may select their courses as they wish according to the policies of their home universities

Required courses for the CEP/AEP

3 mandatory seminars:

  • French Language and Civilization
  • Political Studies
  • French Contemporary Issues

Seminars meet weekly for 1.5 hour sessions over a period of 12 weeks each semester, and correspond to 4 ECTS credits each. Students are assessed based on their participation during class and through written and oral evaluations. These seminars are open exclusively to international students.

Lecture courses:

Students are expected to take, based on their interest, lecture courses at the first, third, and fourth year levels. Course evaluations are conducted at the end of each semester (December or May) through oral or written exams.

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The CEP/AEP is awarded to students who successfully complete all the required courses. Failure in any of the seminar classes will result in the denial of the CEP or AEP. The certificates are awarded shortly at the end of the academic year / semester.

Students awarded the CEP who apply to for entry to Sciences Po Bordeaux at the third-year level as degree students will be evaluated by the admissions jury based on their ECTS credits and grades.