Collective project tutoring


Students will collectively respond to an actual request from a sponsoring organization (students will be placed in a real-life professional situation). Through the project, students will address a complex issue, by combining theoretical approaches, innovations, and above all responses to the constraints that exist on site, and facing the sponsors. The project is divided into two phases: diagnosis then project. The group of students is supervised by a tutor who provides them with methodological guidelines, directs them towards different avenues, and helps them to formalize their response.

Recommended Prerequisite(s)

Group work, site analysis, documentary analysis, summarizing skills

Educational formula

Students work independently and are monitored at regular intervals by the tutor. These exchanges with the tutor will enable students to assess the state of advancement of their project, to consider new leads, to unblock difficult situations, to receive advice regarding methodological tools and other professional references. An essential aspect of this long project is to be able to work in groups, with students from different backgrounds. This will make it possible to address the nature of the service rendered, the tools for presenting the project.

Additional information

Class delivered by Julie Clerc, Antonio Gonzalez Alvarez, Julie Ambal and Mathieu Zimmer.

In brief

Year Fifth year

Teaching languageFrench

ValidationFinal oral examination

Mandatory teaching



Educational manager :
Clerc Julie

Gonzalez-Alvarez Antonio [+]