LVB – Spanish


The method conferences are held in the first semester, at the end of which each student’ skills will be assessed through the Final Oral Language Examination. In the fifth-year method conference, the content of the class focuses on themes specifically relating to the students’ field of specialization,  the main purpose being to develop the students’ professional and specialized language skills, as a vector of specialized knowledge; emphasis will be placed on the ability to speak at length, spontaneously and without notes, to speak about oneself, one’s experiences and projects; interculturality.

Recommended Prerequisite(s)

Perfect command of basic syntax (moods, tenses, conjugations: expression in the present, past, future tenses); knowledge of current affairs in Spanish-speaking countries; command of digital communication tools and media (Spanish-specific characters, Powerpoint or Prezzi, etc.).

Form of assessment

Number of ECTS credits :  2 ; except for the following masters :

› Public Affairs and Representation of Interests : 3 ECTS

› International Politics : 3 ECTS


Educational formula

Discussions on various topics will contribute to developing students’ knowledge of the political system of the country/countries concerned, and will help them gain a better understanding of contemporary society and the main issues facing it. In class, the emphasis is placed on oral expression. Personal preparation before class is mandatory. Various types of authentic documents are used and the class is organized according to students’ master, and around short presentations on various topics, role-playing, comments, and analysis of documents of all types, oral exercises of transposition from one specialized language to another, writing CVs and cover letters, and simulated interviews via Skype.

In brief

Year Fifth year

Teaching languageSpanish

ECTS credits 2.0

Teaching activityMethod seminar


Mandatory teaching



Educational manager :
Grosselin Christine

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