The objective of the fifth year English method conference is to prepare students for the professional world and to enable them to be operational in their specific field of specialization. The content of the classes, therefore, depends on the students’ specialization.

By exploring various topics related to the students’ area of specialization, these interactive lectures aim to reinforce students' "professional" language skills, in particular, oral skills: help them develop the ability to speak spontaneously, to conduct a brief presentation on a specific question or key issues, to exploit data correctly (graphs, tables, etc.) by using the appropriate vocabulary; help them to practice for job interviews (simulation/role-playing), etc. The class will also help students to develop and reinforce their writing skills (comprehension/writing), for example by studying authentic documents related to their field of specialization and by writing CVs and cover letters.

Recommended Prerequisite(s)

A good command of basic linguistic tools and knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon world (acquired, in particular, in previous years) in order to understand the "English-speaking" point of view on issues and problems related to the students’ area of specialization.

Form of assessment

Number of ECTS credits :  2 ; except for the following masters :


› PI : 3 ECTS

› JO : 5 ECTS


Educational formula

The English method conferences are both content classes (they focus on issues and problems related to the students’ area of specialization) and classes based on the active participation of students.

The themes are presented orally in various forms:  short presentations, debates,  press reviews, detailed presentations of an issue, role-playing, etc. The work conducted to reinforce linguistic skills is therefore closely associated with thematic work. Emphasis is on oral communication but work on writing skills, and in particular,  preparation (individually and/or in groups) prior to the class, are essential.

In brief

Year Fifth year

Teaching languageEnglish

Teaching term Six-monthly

ECTS credits 2.0

Teaching activityMethod seminar


Mandatory teaching



Educational manager :
Sadran Jane