Project expertise tutoring


The course includes a collective exercise of application "in real life" relating to two main stages of the project cycle: the territorial/sectoral diagnosis and the implementation of an expert assessment. In the second phase of the exercise, an outsider provides an external point of view on an action implemented by an operator and in so doing reveals its limitations and proposes possible improvements. The process may be undertaken as part of an action to support the implementation of a "classic" assessment process (Ex-Ante, QUALITY, Impact assessment, etc.), or as part of an operational support initiative (development of a monitoring/assessment policy, organizational support, support to capitalization, etc.). In this regard, tutoring aims to help students carry out a critical analysis by using tools specific to the assessment and consulting professions.

Recommended Prerequisite(s)

Students are organized in expert groups and receive an official order from an International Aid organization.

Educational formula

Setting up of working groups, meeting and provision of practical input.

In brief

Year Fifth year

Teaching languageFrench

Teaching term Six-monthly

Number of hours 15.0

Teaching activitySeminar

ValidationFinal written examination

Mandatory teaching



Educational manager :
Brodeur Nicolas