Administrative litigation


Administrative litigation is a key component of public law, which is commonly perceived as technical, fast-changing and complex. This class, therefore, aims to present and explain as clearly as possible, and in a synthetic and up-to-date manner, the mechanisms of administrative justice. To this end, the class is structured into twelve lessons during which we will study the following:  the administrative courts and their powers; all stages of administrative proceedings, including in the framework of emergency procedures and appeal procedures;  State liability due to the deficiencies in the administrative justice system and the alternative methods of dispute settlement.

Form of assessment

The number of ECTS credits and the assessment methods are likely to be different for students in credit exchange programmes.


  • Guyomar M. & Seiller B., Contentieux administratif, Dalloz, HyperCours, 2019.
  • Code de justice administrative, Dalloz, 2019.

Educational formula

Lectures include reading exercises and discussions on decisions and extended by teaching materials will be available on Moodle to support learning.

In brief

Year Fourth year

Teaching languageFrench

Teaching term Six-monthly

ECTS credits 3.0

Number of hours 18.0

Teaching activityLecture course

ValidationFinal written examination

Mandatory teaching

Open to exchange students



Educational manager :
Garrido Ludovic [+]