Meetings with professionals


For a week, and as part of the end-of-study internship, students will, every afternoon of the week meet professionals with various backgrounds: local or national elected officials, employees of elected officials, journalists writing for the local or national press, etc. Each morning a student will present his or her internship field as well as his or her research hypotheses.

Recommended Prerequisite(s)

Students are expected to make clear, well-argumented and in-depth presentations of their internship field.

Educational formula

The morning presentation by each student in turn of his or her internship field should provide the other students with some insights about an internship field other than the one they are experiencing and will help them to develop well-supported research hypotheses that should serve as a guideline for the dissertation. In this context, the presentation must be accompanied by a written document. The afternoon meetings with professionals will, beyond their pedagogical interest, lead to the production of a written work ­- of 3000 characters maximum – describing the student’s reaction to one of the meetings with the professionals,  to be submitted on the Friday afternoon.

In brief

Year Fifth year

Teaching languageFrench

Number of hours 24.0

Teaching activitySeminar

ValidationContinuous assessment

Mandatory teaching



Educational manager :
Bréhier Emeric [+]