Foreign language A (LVA) - English


The topics covered in the third-year English method seminar are related to the cultures and civilizations of English-speaking countries: historical events (mainly since the beginning of the 20th century), but also current political affairs, the economic and social environment, contemporary society, and cultural life. Third year English method seminar - unlike those of other academic years - can, if the teacher so decides, be thematic (over a semester or the whole year).

The course uses various media: texts, audio-visual documents, iconographic documents, statistics, etc.. and are designed to develop students' proficiency in the language (comprehension as well as written and oral expression skills, interaction).  Linguistic learning is always combined with thematic work. During the sessions, the emphasis is on oral communication; personal preparation prior to the class is mandatory and efforts to address possible deficiencies are part of students’ individual work.

Recommended Prerequisite(s)

A good command of the basic linguistic components: verbal structure (conjugation, forms, modal verbs, tenses, etc.), the nominal group (articles, adjectives, pronouns, etc.), syntax (simple sentence and complex sentence).


  • Dumong, M., L’antifaute, Paris: Ellipses, 2002.
  • Mauk, D., & Oakland, J., American Civilization: An Introduction, London: Routledge, 2009.
  • Oakland, J., British Civilization: An Introduction, London: Routledge, 2010.
  • Paterson, K. & Wedge, R., Oxford Grammar for EAP, Oxford: OUP, 2013.
  • Les sites web de la presse Anglophone : the Guardian, the Economist, NYT etc.

Educational formula

The method seminars in English are not language classes in the classical sense. Classes are based on the active participation of students and focus on general cultural questions relative to English-speaking countries (hence the necessity to have a good command of the basic linguistic components). The themes are generally presented in the form of presentations/debates, which may take different forms: summary, commentary, press review, detailed presentation of a particular topic, role-playing, presentation of a group project, etc.

In brief

Year Third year

Teaching languageEnglish

Teaching term Annual

ECTS credits 5.0

Number of hours 36.0

Teaching activityMethod seminar

ValidationContinuous assessment

Mandatory teaching



Forest Amandine [+]

Prévot Christophe [+]

Educational manager :
Sadran Jane