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Administrative steps

Insurance / civil liability insurance

  • You are a European student

You are required to have a European Health Insurance Card.

  • You are a student from outside the European Union

The French social security is compulsory for all non-European students. You will subscribe upon your arrival at Sciences Po Bordeaux (approximately 215 €).

  • For all students, Europeans or not

Civil liability insurance is compulsory. You have to subscribe to this insurance to be covered in case of damages you cause during your stay in France. For your information, students’ social securities can deliver this insurance (among others).

More information :



Visa / residence permit

The residence permit is not necessary for people from member states of the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

The residence permit is compulsory for students from outside the European Union and/or for students who wish to work in France (all nationalities). In this case, you will have to ask for it upon your arrival in Bordeaux.

Information on the Bordeaux university website

Collect file

→ From September to December : at the espace Sauteyron, 42 rue Sauteyron (Tram B, stop Victoire)

Before collecting the file, it is compulsory to make an appointment via Internet : option “carte de séjour”. The residence permits are issued at the Préfecture, from which you will receive a letter. Esplanade Charles de Gaule (next to Mériadeck), 33000 Bordeaux – Open from Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 13h30.

Requested documents

  • One 58 € stamp from the ANAEM (except for Algeria)
  • 4 ID photos (2 if it’s a renewal)
  • Copy of your passport (validity, date of entry in France, number) and of your long stay visa type D – student (for students from outside the European Union) or of a valid ID card
  • Birth certificate translated into French
  • School attendance certificate (certificat de scolarité)
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of financial resources (scholarship certificate, proof of financial aid given by a relative or other, or the last 3 bank statements)
  • Proof of health insurance or European Health Insurance Card
  • Medical certificate from the ANAEM (free)

Before leaving their home countries, students from outside the European Union will have to apply for a visa at the closest French consulate or embassy. Some countries (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, United States, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Turkey) have to follow the procedure CEF (Centre pour les Etudes en France) via the Campus France website :


→ Students from the European Union

Before your departure please make sure that you have your European Health Insurance Card and that it is valid during your whole stay abroad. A copy of this card will be necessary for you to enroll at Sciences Po Bordeaux.

→ Students from outside the European Union

When enrolling at Sciences Po Bordeaux you will have to pay for coverage from the French social security (approximately 215 €).

Social security is compulsory for all students from outside Europe !

Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account in France in necessary to receive the housing allowance, paid by the CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales), and to have a checkbook (essential for paying a housing guarantee).

To open a bank account, you will need the following documents:

  • Student card or photocopy of your school attendance certificate
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Proof of housing (whether on campus or in private housing)

Sciences Po Bordeaux has a partnership with HSBC to facilitate the administrative steps of its international students HSBC has four agencies in Bordeaux and you can make appointments at any of them. Opening and having a bank account is free for one year.

On-campus housing

There are two procedures to follow :

  • Requests for on-campus housing have to be done online on the CROUS website. You will then receive a form to complete and to send back to the CROUS with the different required documents.
  • Record your request when doing your application for Sciences Po Bordeaux (INE number, housing type and period of stay). For any questions, please contact Elena DUBAA (e.dubaa @

Students may be housed during their stay in Bordeaux in one of the public halls of residence located on the campus or downtown. In order to book a room or a studio, students must first register on the CROUS internet website. The website is available in French only but click here for the procedure to follow in English.

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