History of Europe


This 18 hours course offers a broad survey on Modern European political, intellectual, social, and cultural history, from the end of the 18th century to the aftermath of the Cold War. The topics covered include the age of Revolutions (the French Revolution and its consequences, the Napoleonic era, the industrial revolution), the age of Nationalism, the age of imperialism and colonialism, World War I and II and the Cold War.

Form of assessment

The number of ECTS credits and the assessment methods are likely to be different for students in credit exchange programmes.


  • Hobsbawm E., The Age of Revolution : Europe 1789-1848, New York, Vintage, 1996.
  • Blanning T.C.W., The Oxford History of Modern Europe, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2001.
  • Broadberry S., O’Rourke K., The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Europe, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, volume 1 and 2, 2010.

All these books can be found either at Sciences Po library or other libraries on the campus. Other readings for specific sections of the course will be mentioned online or in class.

Educational formula

Course Requirements : Students are required to attend all classes and complete all assignments. Failure to complete any assignment will result in failing the entire course. Attendance and Participation : Attendance in class is a requirement in order to get all ECTS. Active participation in class discussion is very welcomed (and marked).

In brief

Year Fourth year

Teaching languageEnglish

Teaching term Six-monthly

ECTS credits 2.0

Number of hours 18.0

Teaching activityLecture course

ValidationFinal written examination

Mandatory teaching

Open to exchange students



Educational manager :
Champeaud Gregory [+]