An excellent university programme

at the heart of the contemporary world

Sciences Po Bordeaux is one of nine Institutes of Political Studies in France. Created in 1948, it is firmly established on the Bordeaux university scene, not only by its institutional and geographical proximity to University Montesquieu – Bordeaux IV, but also by the pluridisciplinary, broad-based curriculum, which calls on numerous academics and researchers working in the different fields of political and social science.

The Institute is an establishment of human proportions (approximately 1,300 students): admission is by rigorous selection, a guarantee of the quality of its training.  Academic studies last five years, at the end of which a student graduates with the Diploma of Sciences Po Bordeaux (which is equivalent to a Master’s degree) and with one of three Masters offered by the Institute. This combination “Diploma/Master’s” recognized as level “Bac+5”(5 years of higher education) reflects the European university system (300 ECTS). The first three years of study (undergraduate studies) aim to equip students with a broad, general grounding in the political and social sciences whilst the fourth and fifth years (graduate studies) focus on specialisations designed to allow graduates to enter the job market on completion of their end-of-studies internship. Each year, over a hundred students pass the competitive entrance examinations necessary to gain access to the upper echelons of the French Civil Service (for example ENA - National School of Public Administration) after having followed a specific training in the centre at Sciences Po Bordeaux (the CPAG) devoted to the preparation of these examinations. For many years, this centre has been one of the highest performing in France.

One of the particularities of Institutes of Political Studies in France is that Political Science is not the only subject on the curriculum. There is a Doctoral School of Political Science at Sciences Po Bordeaux which forms future PhDs and researchers in the field and several important research centres in Political Science, recognised worldwide, are part of Sciences Po Bordeaux. However, there are also courses in Law, Economics, History, Geography, foreign languages and “Contemporary Issues”. As a result, students who follow the programme are well versed in the most important contemporary questions and develop an open and inquiring mind, all the more for having at their disposal two libraries with over 500,000 items, of which 120,000 works cover almost 7 kilometres of shelving.

Sciences Po Bordeaux has more than 200 exchange-agreements with universities throughout the world. Of special note, in Germany (Stuttgart), Italy (Turin), Portugal (Coimbra), Spain (Granada) and the United Kingdom (Cardiff) these take the form of European double degree-diploma programmes which Sciences Po Bordeaux was the first IEP in France to introduce in a fully integrated form. Sciences Po Bordeaux is also active in Russia (Moscow) and in Quebec with two double degree-diploma programmes; and participates in developing and promoting French language programmes in Central and Eastern Europe through the International School of Political Studies in Katowice (Poland) of which it was co-founder in 1993.

The Institute of Political Studies of Bordeaux reaches throughout the world by virtue of its extensive network of graduates (almost 7,000 since its creation) a non-negligible proportion of whom, work and live outside France.

In other words, our presence in all areas of the contemporary world is both intellectual and physical.

Sciences Po Bordeaux - 11 Allee Ausone - Domaine Universitaire - 33607 PESSAC Cedex - Tel : 05 56 04 17 72 - Fax : 05 56 37 45 37