The politics of security and policing


This lecture introduces students to international questions of security and policing. In light of an interdisciplinary approach, the course thus focuses on the way in which current topics of interest are politically and operationally addressed, from criminal and political violence to illicit finance and global infectious diseases. In this regard, it aims to foster students’ capacity of analysis and independent judgement on the politics and everyday practices of transnational policing, border and migration control, surveillance and security intelligence in the digital age.

Pré-requis souhaités

Students should have basic knowledge in International Relations.

Bibliographie indicative

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Formule pédagogique

The course consists in lectures.

Informations complémentaires

Le nombre de crédits ECTS et les modalités d’évaluation sont susceptibles d’être différents pour les étudiants en programmes d’échange à crédits.

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Année 3 | Troisième année

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