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Introduction to environmental politics: ideas and policies


This course aims at depicting how contemporary societies have tackled environmental problems. It will address the first policy developments which paved the way for key principles and areas in environmental legislations as well as in international negotiations. A focus on actors and ideas will complete this perspective, thus showing the forces shaping environmental politics.

Pré-requis souhaités

Basic knowledge in sociology and political science (social action, collective action, public policies, international relations).


Le nombre de crédits ECTS et les modalités d’évaluation sont susceptibles d’être différents pour les étudiants en programmes d’échange à crédits.

Bibliographie indicative

  • Carter N., The Politics of the Environment, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2018.
  • Dauvergne, P. Environmentalism of the Rich, Cambridge, MIT Press, 2016.
  • Dryzek, J., The Politics of Earth: Environmental Discourses, Oxford, Oxford University Press (3rd ed.) 2013.
  • Doyle, T. and MacGregor, S. (eds.), Environmental Movements around the World: Shades of Green in Politics and Culture (2 volumes), New York, Praeger, 2014.
  • Szarka, J.,The Shaping of Environmental Policy in France, New York, Berghan Books, 2002.

Formule pédagogique

There is no preparation needed before the lectures. However, students are advised to follow-up with the questions listed at the end of each session in order to test their understanding of the subject. Questions and discussion are welcome. For each session an additional bibliography will be provided.

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Année 3 | Troisième année

Langue d'enseignementAnglais

Temporalité Semestriel

Crédits ECTS 2.0

Nombre d'heures 18.0

Type d'enseignementCours magistral

Mode de validationExamen terminal écrit

Enseignement optionnel

Ouvert aux étudiants en échange


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