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Simulation de Policy making EU


A role game on the EU. Simulation as fun and active learning… but what about? Not so much about the specifics of the EU setting (simulations are realistic though not similar to “reality” : simplified versions of the policy process so as to not overburden you with institutional rules and tricks that you may not need in the future) ; being able to identify and analyse a decision-making process in order to be able to act on it (identify actor-constellations ; analyse the institutional conditions, constraints and opportunities, under which decisions are made ; act on it: being able to use your analytical skills to influence a decision ; reflexive learning throughout the process).

Pré-requis souhaités

EU institutions and policymaking

Formule pédagogique

Simulation game: getting the knowledge required to be able to play ; organising the game ; preparing the roles ; role play ; debriefing.

En bref

Année 5 | Cinquième année

Langue d'enseignementFrançais

Temporalité Semestriel

Crédits ECTS 3.0

Nombre d'heures 18.0

Type d'enseignementSéminaire

Mode de validationContrôle continu

Enseignement obligatoire


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