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Exchange programs

Sciences Po Bordeaux international students have a large choice of courses in political science, international relations, economy, European studies, law and social sciences. The classes are given either in French or in English.

Academic mobility at Sciences Po Bordeaux

Sciences Po Bordeaux is strongly willing to be more international and has thus developed exchange agreements with more than 130 international institutions for higher education. Students from these partner institutions who are selected by their home university can come and study in Bordeaux for a semester or a year.  In order to add value to their schooling, international students can come to Sciences Po Bordeaux as Free Movers (individual mobility, not through an exchange), if their application is accepted.  All those students have access to quality teachings in French and English. Those who are staying for a year and who want to reinforce their knowledge in Political Science and “Culture Générale” have the opportunity to do the Certificat d’Etudes Politiques.

Student life

If you want to discover life at Sciences Po and in Bordeaux, don’t hesitate to contact Erasmix on Facebook at “Erasmix Sciences Po” or send them an e-mail at erasmix.scpo @

There are many student unions at Sciences Po Bordeaux, for more information please see the Student Life section of the website Vie étudiante

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