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Degree seeking programs

First year entry

Just like French students, international candidates have the possibility of being admitted to the first year of the prestigious degree seeking curriculum at Sciences Po Bordeaux (Master’s degree). To do so, their application must be accepted by the “Commission d’équivalence et de réussite aux examens d’entrée”.

See the admission conditions for first year at Sciences Po Bordeaux

First year entry competitive exam for Finnish, Swedish, Korean and Ivorian students : through an agreement with French institutions in Finland, Sweden, Korea and Ivory Coast, Sciences Po Bordeaux organizes selection and recruitment via a competitive exam in French. Admitted candidates are integrated into the first year of Sciences Po Bordeaux and take the same courses as French students, with special tutoring in French.

Double diplomas: binational degrees

The binational double diplomas are a program particular to Sciences Po Bordeaux. Based on the principle of a five-year bilingual schooling, and alternating annually between Sciences Po Bordeaux and the partner university, students receive two diplomas: a diploma from Sciences Po Bordeaux (Master’s degree) and from the partner university.

See the admission conditions for the double diplomas

Third year entry

International candidates who have a French or foreign Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS) can join the Sciences Po Bordeaux curriculum if they pass the entry examinations. At the end of their course of study, those students will be granted a Sciences Po Bordeaux diploma: a Master’s degree.

See the admission conditions for third year at Sciences Po Bordeaux

Fourth year entry

International students can also join one of the many Masters programs at Sciences Po Bordeaux in the first year (two-year Master’s degrees). These Master’s cover all the main areas of study for which the Institute maintains a reputation of excellence. To be accepted, students must submit a dossier explaining their motivations.

See the admission conditions for fourth year at Sciences Po Bordeaux

Certificat d’Etudes Politiques (CEP) / Political Studies Certificate for Foreigners

The Certificat d’Etudes Politiques à Titre Etranger is a multidisciplinary French language program designed for international students staying the whole year. Not only does it allow students to widen their knowledge of French language and civilization and to develop their cultural knowledge, but it also helps them to become more familiar with political science thanks to the Political Studies lectures. It is also a unique occasion to understand the French work/study methodology and to participate in the life of Sciences Po Bordeaux and the region (radio shows, short films, citizens consultations, etc.)

More about it here

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